GUI: LAPS Password Recovery Tool

The below LAPS Password Recovery Tool For Deleted Objects and those still in AD is created to allow you also recover the Microsoft LAPS administrator password of objects that have been deleted but that are still within the tombstone period of your Active Directory Forest.

This is the only advantage over Microsofts own GUI but is useful if you were to delete lots of machines from Active Directory and subsequently need to get in to it without restoring the object.

It will need to be run as an account that has permissions to ready the ms-Mcs-AdmPwd property and requires the Active Directory PowerShell module to be available (RSAT)

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GUI: Password Generator

A simple password generator to get away from people using CompanyNameYear formats and variations of Password – This is by no means meant to be a super secure way of generating passwords and I am aware of the inherent risks of using get random. This is simply a way to generate a password for an end user that will be awkward enough that they change it immediately whilst getting away from people setting password2017! and similar.

Download Here:



.NET 4.5
WMF 5.1

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